Instructions to the Parents and Students

We request the parents to go through the information given in this diary and abide by the rules for proper application and adherence.

  1. Parents are expected to adhere strictly the school timings in dropping and pickup.
  2. Parents must watch and guide their childrens studies at home. They need constant attention and encouragement to enable them to improve their performance.
  3. Parents must attend to the personal hygiene and cleanliness of their child/children. Please see that they wear the proper uniform which is clean and neatly maintained and take all the necessary things to the school.
  4. Please send your child to the school everyday. Please dont allow a child to be absent except for health reasons or such exceptionally valid reasons. However, please do not send a child to school if he/she is suffering from any illness.
  5. Parents are expected to go through the Hand Book daily, especially the space provided for parent-teacher communication. Any letter sent to the parent must be properly and promptly responded.
  6. If a parent is asked to come and meet the Principal/Class Teacher it must be understood that there is some important matter to be discussed with them and hence they should meet the person/ persons concerned without delay.
  7. Parents are requested not to send any valuables or items like cameras, transistors, mobile phone, videogames etc. to the school. It may be noted that any violation of this rule will be viewed very seriously.
  8. Students are not permitted to bring money to the school, unless there is a clear instruction from the school to bring money for a particular purpose.
  9. Students shall be modest in their appearance. Wearing of ornaments, nail polish, mehendi, wrist bands, fancy items, expensive watches, etc. are discouraged. Boys shall have a decent hair-cut. (Military Cut) Wearing long hair, crew cut, etc. are not  permitted.
  10. It is mandatory for the students from class 6 to 10th to subscribe for the English news paper (Student edition) as per Newspaper in Education (NIE)
  11. Parents are requested to send food items (Avoid junk food) in a neat and handy tiffin box. Parents must write the childs name, class and roll number on his/her belongings like water bottles, tiffin boxes, umbrellas etc., especially in the case of children of lower classes.
  12. It is mandatory for every child to attend the school on those days when National festivals & School programmes are organized.
  13. Please inform the School Office in writing if there is any change in your address/ telephone numbers/office address etc.
  14. A student must secure minimum ’D’ grade in all the subjects to get promotion to higher class.